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PVC coating barbed wire

Our factory can supply good quality PVC coating barbed wire for security and fencing uses. PVC coating barbed wire type: Single strand plastic coated barbed wire Double-strand plastic coated barbed cord. Characteristics of PVC coating barbed wire weaving: The plastic-coated barbed wire is twisted and woven with high-quality plastic-coated wire. Simple construction, beautiful appearance, corrosion and oxidation […]

Understanding Nail Sizes

Hammer and nails. Just like peanut butter and jelly, it is a classic combination that has always existed. Do you Understanding Nail Sizes? To Although hammers and nails seem simple, do you know which nails to use in each application? Nails also have right and wrong uses. Suitable nails have the strength, size, and other […]

Black PVC coated wire

Black PVC coated wire can be used in daily life binding and industrial tying as tying wire. PVC coated wire also can be used in wire hanger or handicraft production. In addition, there are many types. 1.Type: dark green, bright green, white, black, yellow, etc. 2. Material: The inner core of PVC coated wire includes: Electro-galvanized […]

A Guide to the Types of Roofing Nails

The roofing nails are cleverly designed to help you do better. Although they are very different in material, size and type, all roof nails have a useful feature: a diamond-shaped point. This point is specially designed to keep the deck intact when it pierces. We will introduce you to the types, sizes and materials you […]

What is concrete Nail

A concrete nail is a type of mechanical fastener. It used to secure objects into masonry and other hard and brittle materials. Nailing into masonry requires the right type of nail, a good quality hammer, and some technique. Concrete nails are often used in building construction and in home improvement projects. A concrete nail is […]