What is concrete Nail

A concrete nail is a type of mechanical fastener. It used to secure objects into masonry and other hard and brittle materials.

Nailing into masonry requires the right type of nail, a good quality hammer, and some technique.

Concrete nails are often used in building construction and in home improvement projects. A concrete nail is a special fastener and is different than a common iron nail.

There are types of concrete nails:

  • Galvanized concrete nails
  • Color concrete nails
  • Bluish concrete nails with various special nail heads and shank types.

The shank is what gives concrete nails a very firm holding strength.There are a variety of shank types available:

  • Smooth
  • Ring
  • Twisted
  • Twilled
Concrete nail

How to use concrete nail

Concrete nails are most often used with a special power tool(Known as a Nail driver). It provides a strong hammering action to allow penetration of concrete. It provides a powerful hammering effect, driving the nail into the concrete in one stroke. 

The advantages are:

  • Penetrate the concrete quickly and effortlessly.
  • Resulting in a stronger and more accurate
  • mechanical connection.  

Concrete nails can also be hammered by hand.  Direct can be difficult to handle, easy to pin deflection. But don’t worry, we can pilot hole, slightly smaller than the diameter of the nail. It usually before hand hammering nails drilled into the concrete.  The pilot hole helps maintain the accuracy of the hole and reduces the force required to pound the nail.

Safety Precautions:

Many DIyers use hand tools without hearing and eye protection. They believing that only power tools can guarantee this level of care. But any time you’re using a hammer or other impact tool, it’s best to use basic safety equipment.  Hammers can easily snap nails — especially brittle hardened steel of concrete or masonry nails — and make them fly in the air.  In some cases, the surface of the hammer may break and send the pieces flying. Prolonged exposure to the noise of drilling can damage hearing.
Always wear an anti-particle mask when drilling into concrete, as cement dust can damage the lungs.

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